Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal?

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The Definition of Family
What is your definition to the term ‘family?’
The answer to that question varies depending on whom you ask, and everyone seems to have his or her own idea of it. Just this year, same-sex marriage was finally recognized in Alabama – one of the most conservative, southern states that you could possibly drive into. The whole idea of homosexuality regarding important topics such as marriage, psychological health, and parenting have been called into question to scientifically define what the term family should mean.
Just to be clear, this topic sparks a grand amount of opinion, and opinion can easily be shut down by facts and relative research.
First and foremost, majority of the individuals that are opposed to same-sex marriage are usually just as opposed to same-sex couples raising children (whether or not these children of homosexual parents grow up to be heterosexual or homosexual). These individuals will typically argue that children raised by same-sex parents will suffer psychologically and will grow up to be anxiety ridden, depressed adults with the inability to identify with a sexual orientation. Upon further research, one will find that a child being raised by same sex parents or a homosexual parent has very little influence on the child’s well being (Golombok, Perry, Burston, Murray, Mooney-Somers, Stevens, and Golding, 2003, p. 2).
According to Wainright, Russell, and Patterson’s (2004) research on children raised by lesbian mothers, they

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