Should Same Sex Marriage Be Made Legal? Australia?

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Should same-sex marriage be made legal in Australia? Should same-sex marriage be made legal in Australia? This is something you and I have heard in recent years come up time and again in the media and private conversations. But why is this an issue? We need to understand why this is even an issue. Let’s talk about what is a marriage. Society’s perspective of marriage is that it is a permanent, social, legal contract between two people who have mutual rights between the two people that are agreed upon. This is a view common to many societies including Australia. It is a social institution that has legal, economic, social, and religious value. The reason being, it is widely perceived as the basis for family, which is why socially, there is a…show more content…
The social institution of marriage was historically established to facilitate procreation of children, but with advances in technology today and changes in attitude towards surrogacy and adoption, same-sex couples are able to have children. If anything, same-sex marriages does not prevent a family from developing when these means are taken. These options are not just taken up by same-sex couples but heterosexual couples use this as well. So, you cannot simply conclude this will single-handedly lead to a population decline when such options exist. Therefore, same-sex marriages does not prevent people from starting families. We should also consider when thinking about the legal premise of marriage, whether same-sex marriage changes the family roles within a marriage. Just because same-sex relationships are different to the norm, it is unreasonable to assume that same-sex marriages will result in changes in family roles. Parents have the role to be caregivers or workers to generate income to support the family and society through taxes. These roles are not always clear between mother and father but we know they are different. The child has a role that is supported by the parents to learn and be educated and develop skills needed to function in society. These roles will remain unchanged in any family structure with either heterosexual or homosexual parents. This is even recognised by foster care agencies that allow same-sex couples to

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