Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legalized?. Same-Sex Marriages

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Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legalized? Same-sex marriages should be illegal because the increase of marriages with the same sex has aroused conflicts in society, affects on children, and religiously. Therefore one must halt the proposal.
The history of homosexuality has a lot of stories to tell, however, the beginning of it all would begin shortly and oddly. On the Western contemporary concept of homosexuality would relatively currently be considered new during the day of time. Ideas of homosexuality and/or sexual orientation are dated during the late nineteenth century. Within this, it’s no secret that the concept of heterosexuality also dates during this time. People didn’t specifically think to “come out” as they who they were from a
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This issue has potentially progressed in society. In 1996 of September, Bill Clinton signed the act known as the Defense of Marriage Act banning that same-sex marriage goes recognized. During the process of the ban, he states, “A legal union is only between one man and one woman or husband or wife.” On November 2, 2004, ten states, including Arkansas, passed a constitutional amendment for marriage to be defined as between both a man and women only.
Whether one supports or doesn’t support same-sex marriage, those actions could be considered a progress or regress. Even with Obama makes same-sex marriage legal completely in all fifty states in America on June 26, 2015, debate still continues at a high rate. This leaves society at what would be considered a “tug of war.” When looking up the word “marriage”, it’s still described as a union of the tradition for two individuals, specifically for a man and women. The words “husband” and “wife” indicate that a marriage is a closed union between a man and a woman. The bond of marriage between the same gender will only continuously weaken the tradition of marriage and America. Although this may appear to happen in the United States, it is in fact not a small world after all.
The LGBT community, ( Acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), lives globally. However, research has found
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