Should School Athletes Have Drug Tests?

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Should School Athletes have to take Drug Tests “17% of teens drink, smoke, and use drugs during the day in the United States.”(Adler) This is the result of the absence of drug testing in our community, especially in our school. An analysis fact from CDC’s objective Terry Pechacek states that 50 million people do drugs in the united states and 4 million of them are underage and the majority of them are in a high school athletic. Citizens predict that this percentage number will slowly pullulate and gradually more high school athletes will be exposed to drugs. Schools should allow drug tests to be permitted on high school athletes because taking drugs are unfair to the sport, drugs harm the body mentally and physically, and it can ruin future opportunities for athletes if they get scholarships to universities. Alternatively, there is a problem if schools ban steroids and perform drug tests on student athletes. “Parents and coaches can be anxious about nurses and physicians testing on there kids.”(Bates). The parents could actually put a restraining order or even sue the physicians or nurses because they are testing on student athletes even though they don 't know what they are testing on. Nurses and physicians have to have certain information on the drug to test student athletes and some dont have the actual experience or requirements to do so. Coaches can be violated for nurses testing on student athletes even though the athletes might of not done anything yet.…
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