Should School Be Free Of School Responsibilities?

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Summertime, when it is the time to be free of school responsibilities, but across the U.S. millions of kids are preparing to take the SATs. They are looking into SAT prep classes, SAT tutors, and SAT prep groups, all to get ready to take the SATs for the next school year. The reason why so many kids are looking into dishing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on SAT prep is because of the weight that SATs hold on college admissions. Colleges, guidance counselors, and even teachers stress the importance of the SAT on the chance of the student getting into the college of their dreams. Kids stress over college every day, and if SATs are such an important factor into getting into college, then obviously kids will be stressing for the perfect score. SAT supporters defend the use of that test because they say that it is a good predictor of the success of students and helps narrow the pool of applicants, while SAT opposers say that SATs are not effective in predicting the success of a student and are not necessary. SAT scores should be eliminated as a factor in college admissions because it does not accurately predict the future success of a person, it causes too much stress and it is not fair to certain minority groups.
The SAT does not effectively tell how well a student will do in life. Colleges that have gone test-optional have seen the evidence that SAT scores do not correlate. “A high test score tells you nothing about how a student will handle the vicissitudes of
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