Should School Be Schools?

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Each school you go to is different. Every school has there own thing that in there eyes will help kids with their education and knowledge to grow more and more as time goes on. Also, if you ask any student in any school anywhere in the world if there is anything that they wished was changed in school all of them will give you at least a small laundry list of items they wished to be changed. This is my laundry list of ideas and thoughts of how school could be different. The school week would be shortened, more direct schooling, and a more helpful and supportive approach to learning. Education is an enlightening experience in other words learning never stops. Time never stops so that also means that technology and the knowledge of humankind is always advancing and moving forward there is always something new to learn. Everyone all ages, even if you don’t really realize it, never stop learning. Everyday you learn something new that you didn 't know before. That is why I believe there should be schools set up to support each age group no matter what age everyone has the right to learn new things. Some of the older people may need a need to learn a new occupation. I also believe that schooling is the foundation of your career and future. When going through life you may know at a younger age than others what job they were born to persure. When that is accomplished they should then be able to pursue, study, and learn the necessary requirements for that job. People should only…
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