Should School Days Be Lengthened?

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Countless posts, articles, and publications are engaging in the heated debate about whether school days should be lengthened, remain as they are, or shortened. There are those that argue time is wasted, others claim an extension of time will help the disadvantaged and low performing youths, and still others believe it will prove to be innovative by design. The standard 180 6.5 hour U.S. school calendar is up for discussion and under fire. There are many variables to consider. In an effort to provide additional support Gabrieli proposes “the academic gains are matched by growth in opportunities for students to participate in enrichment activities” (Koonce, 2015). On the opposing side, Cuban claims the incumbent costs associated with the increase could pose problematic. He further claims, inconclusive research supporting the results of implementing longer school days as inconclusive, and conflicting goals support the notion that schools do not need amended time (Koonce, 2015). Whether you are “for it,”
“against it,” or neutral in your opinion, the media is taking charge. Educational reform is the “hot topic.” Brace yourself for organizations such as The National Center on Time &
Learning, which are fueling the movement to increase school hours in an attempt to improve opportunities and enhance the learning experience (Farbman, 2015).
Data does not prove a link between extended school hours or rearranged calendars and academic performance in American students. In…

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