Should School Dress Code Be Enforced? Public Schools?

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To some, arguing over student dress code seems trivial and useless. To others, it goes deeper than that. Dress code might seem like the typical “first world problem”, but to the average high school student, gaining the freedom ‘no dress code’ grants is incredible. The fact of the matter is, the rigid enforcement of student dress code has gone too far in today 's society and dehumanizes us as citizens. Although school dress code attempts to promote modesty and protection, it also reinforces gender inequality, smothers individualism, is unconstitutional, and should not be enforced in public schools. I agree with few school dress code standards such as “less competition, pressure or other distractions from academics” and uniformity, though many public school districts take advantage of the authority they have over the young mindsets (OCadiz). While having influence over young minds, administrators have suppressed one group, allowing another group to have more freedom than ever. Discriminating against a young woman’s rights to express herself simply because she is a “distraction” is disconcerting. We often wonder why some men grow to be cruel to women, but have you ever thought this behavior could have been recognized while in their primary and secondary schooling? Administrators also argue that school is for learning and not expressing oneself, but where do children spend the majority of their time? If children can not express themselves in school, where else can they?
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