Should School For Pregnant Teens?

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In my opinion it is indeed a good idea for high schools to help pregnant teen who are determined or those who just simply want to continue their education. Regardless of their situation, I believe it would give then a sense of relief knowing that their child is close by and are being taken care of. I agree with the article written by the teacher to some extent, school should help the pregnant teens as much as they can but should not give them the impression that it is the best thing to be a pregnant teen. Sociologist might want to study problems like this one because they are always interested in finding out the causes of problems. Why they might be able to contribute by helping us a greater insight to what is taking place in our society. Regardless of the causes or attitudes towards pregnancy they should be helped as long as they desire assistance, some might just need to see that there are options out there no matter the situation I believe that providing a daycare center in high school for pregnant teens is not enabling pregnancy but rather attempting to accomplish the mission of the helping them be successful graduates and help prevent them from being drop outs or get involved in criminal activity trying to provide for their offspring. Although teenage pregnancy a menace to society it is critical to help young mothers stay in school, get their degrees and achieve their goals for the future. One of the ways to do that is to provide the assistance where they need it most,
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