Should School Lunch Be Nutritious?

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Throughout my time in high school, I often struggled finding something to eat at lunch. I’m not a particularly picky person, but I spent copious amounts of time wandering around the cafeteria looking for an appetizing lunch and coming up short. I felt like I was hopelessly searching for scrumptious food. Not only did I have trouble finding palatable food, I couldn’t find any healthy options either. Everyday I ended up buying a lunch that was unfilling, unhealthy and sometimes downright inedible. School cafeteria’s inability to serve healthy and hearty lunches is a nationwide issue that affects elementary through high school students very profoundly. It is vital that growing children eat filling amounts of healthy food to support their rapid physical and mental growth, and for some students, school lunch may be the only meal they get each day. In order for school districts to properly support their students’ learning, they must also support a nutritious diet for the students through proper portioning, healthy choices and affordable school lunches. In 2010 the House of Representatives passed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act with the goal of improving critical nutrition, minimizing childhood obesity, and making food more accessible to low-income children in complying schools across the country. (1) The government provided incentive for schools to comply with the upgraded federal nutrition standards by offering them a 6 cent reimbursement rate. (1) Despite its’ best efforts…
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