Should School Start Later?

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As the education of Americans continues to fail in comparison to other countries, it is imperative that we don’t further weaken our school day by making school start later. This is important to take into consideration when deciding school start times, as well as many other facts. District officials nationwide have been discussing or even implementing a later start time in their schools. However, this will just cause more problems and hurt the students and everybody else concerned more than help them. Children need to learn how to manage their time and get the amount of sleep they need. We cannot keep enabling by starting school later. There are many reasons that schools shouldn’t start later, and they far outweigh the ones supporting the later time. One very important thing to consider would be the problems that would transpire if we were to have after school activities going later. If these activities were to begin later they would easily cut into suppertime. Missing or even delaying a meal is very unhealthy for athletes or any students for that matter. In fact, in as little as four hours after eating the glucose levels of an athlete can be so small that it can cause an extremely poor performance. (, Evelyn Tribole) Another problem that has been occurring amongst schools with later times is the busing schedules They have been meticulously planned for the entire district and changing

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