Should School Start Later Research Paper

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SHould the school day start later? It really should. School starting at 8:15 doesn’t help the students that need 8-9 hours of sleep to function. Students need sleep. Most students go to bed around 10-11. To get a full 9 or 10 hours of sleep they need to go to sleep at 9. You might think students should just go to bed early. It’s not that easy. Waking up at the crack of dawn is very tiring even if you did get a full 9 hours of sleep. Our brains start “ waking up “ at 10am. That’s a bit before 3rd period. So for 2 periods we’re sleepy and not paying attention. Repeated studies show that when the school day starts later students get more sleep and grades and test scores go up. Even having a 1 hour delay impacted students scores. This doesn’t just affect grades and test scores it also affects athletes. Athletes who don’t get enough sleep are prone to injuries. Getting less than 8 hours of …show more content…

Waking up early is preventing a lot of students from getting the sleep they need. People from the ages of 10 - 55 aren’t suited to be waking up at 6. We need an later start for people to get their needed sleep. Some people don’t even have time to eat. They skip breakfast and not having breakfast makes you tired throughout the day and restless. When you eat breakfast it fuels you up, you have more energy, you do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Not only does the early starting time benefit the students it also benefits the teachers. Some teachers live pretty far from where they work. They have to get up even before 6 just to make it to their job on time. Having a later starting will allow teachers to get some extra sleep and It’s not about starting school later so students can stay up later. It’s about having enough sleep to function and pay attention in class. Class is hard enough to start awake in students don’t need the early starting

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