Should School Uniforms Be Banned?

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Many people have different views on whether or not students should have to wear school uniforms. There are many different reasons why students should and shouldn’t have to wear them. Whether it be in favor them due to less bullying, less pressure on what to wear in the morning, lower cost, less violence, the ability to recycle the uniforms, or the ability to prepare students for the real world. The people against them feel that they take away from the ability to freely express yourself, uniforms cost more upfront, there will be bullies from other schools, it will lower comfort zones, and enforcing the rules will be difficult. But in my opinion school uniform will provide many different things like cost efficiency, safety for the students, increased mental focus, and the ability to prepare students for the real world. “Young students should feel safe, secure, and free from threats of violence to perform better academically. (King, 1998) The fact that some students feel scared while they are in school due to bullies makes the school not a safe environment for them. Making all students wear the same thing would then cut down on the reasons that a bully would have to pick on a student. Wearing school uniforms in high gang related areas also reduces the ability for students to wear gang related colors and insignias to school which in the end will reduce gang related violence in those areas and allow students to focus more on the learning. Wearing a school uniform
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