Should School Uniforms Be Banned?

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Should Students Wear Uniforms One of the biggest debates is about the effectiveness or the use of uniforms in public schools. Should students in public schools have to wear school uniforms? For the past few years now; parents, students and schools have had a clash over the issue surrounding the school attire. Researchers are divided over the impact that wearing school uniforms have on the students, if any, and how it does affect their learning. Some view school uniforms as unfair while others view them as a way of ensuring equality. The policy of school uniforms in schools gained momentum in the 1980s after it was noted that catholic schools, which wore uniforms performed better in terms of performance and discipline. Due to the notable benefits that uniforms conferred on the catholic schools, many public schools decided to borrow from these schools and developed policies for their students to wear school uniforms when attending the schools. It is better to look at the benefits as well as the bad side of wearing school uniforms (Spencer, 2013). In most cases, students in public schools should wear school uniforms. Schools that are either private or public are designed to be an institution made for educating students. The dress code policy to either wear casual clothes or uniforms are determined by the schools administration. Schools are strictly made for learning and teaching purposes. No student should be mainly focused on what fashion statement needs to be made while
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