Should School Uniforms Be Banned?

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Dressed for Success As my dad told me when I was little, “Schools should be schools, not fashion shows.” The debate as to whether there should be uniforms at school only began in the 20th century. In 1994, Long Beach California School District integrated school uniforms for all elementary and middle school students, in order to address safety issues challenging the district. According to the school district data, within one year of the implementation of uniforms, crime rates dropped by 91%, school suspensions dropped by 90%, sex offences dropped by 96 %, and vandalism dropped by 69%. (School Uniform Statistics). School uniforms may deny a student’s right to freely express themselves, however they have been proven to be beneficial. School uniforms are beneficial because they provide a safer, more successful and unified environment. Education professionals agree that a safe school environment is essential for learning to take place. The safer the environment, the more likely students will attend. In 2000, 12% of public schools required a uniform. Just 10 years later, in 2010, 19% of public schools required a uniform for their students (Are Uniforms Good For School Security & Safety?). “By 2005 uniform adoption had more than quadrupled as it spread to 14% of public schools. Today, many large school districts have some schools that require students to wear uniforms.“(Gentile, Imberman). Nearly 20% of all public schools have adopted uniform mandates. Approximately 22% of

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