Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory? A School Setting?

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Topic: Enforcement of uniforms should be mandatory in a school setting Thesis: School uniforms in private and public schools are very beneficial to the educational institution to help promote better learning and positive social skills. I. Introduction: Allowing school uniforms into an educational environment, whether it be a college, university, or elementary, or high school setting would be a benefit to the entire institution. In short, uniforms have many positive benefits: preventing violence, reducing replacements if needed, and it would also be less of a distraction to other students in class. The use of uniforms many violate student rights in numerous ways. As a whole uniforms are very beneficial, because they eliminate violence, are easier to replace, and would make dress codes easier to enforce, giving the school a professional appearance. II. Opposition: School uniforms cause a daily controversy among public and private educational institutions. In some settings, school uniforms do cause violence and constant bullying, teasing, and harassment. Especially this comes from other schools. Uniforms can be an unfair additional financial expense and burden to the average person, who might not be able to afford the cost of the uniform. Furthermore, enforcing school uniforms would be very difficult to do because of compliance and violation issues, which would cause a loss of focus from education. III. Preventing violence:  Uniforms help prevent bulling, as all students in
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