Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

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Throughout my time in school I was consistently filled with anxiety over looking my best, and I am sure many other people (girls especially) felt this from middle school through high school. The solution is uniforms! In schools where uniforms are not mandatory, the stress of “keeping up with the Jones” can create a lot of differences and struggles for students. Having mandatory uniforms in schools would create a safer and more welcoming environment for students, limit their stress, and lets them focus more on schoolwork than what they are wearing.
Schools portrayed in popular movies or television show us how wearing a certain color, item, or style allows students to create groups or cliques. The jocks wear their jerseys or letterman jackets, preppy or rich kids wear only name brand clothes, and every type of clique in school has a few specific ways to dress. This can cause problems though, since it can cause bullying based on what some kids are wearing. Without uniforms the pressure to look your best can harm a young person’s psyche. Yes, wearing the clothes you personally selected may give you more ways to express yourself, but it can cause discrimination against peers and anxiety.
According to Principal Leadership, a magazine made for educators, principals, and other members of a school, they explained the Lands ' End School Uniform in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals study and survey on how having a uniform in schools
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