Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory? High Schools? Essay

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Lately, many high schools are considering a question that has been around for decades. Should uniforms be mandatory in high schools? Uniforms were used many years ago and have slowly become less frequent. With the rise in violence, negative behavior, and inequality of students, many education administrators wonder if there is a correlation with uniforms to theses negative issues. Some schools have adopted uniforms and found that the effects of implementing school uniforms in high schools are significantly valuable compared to the protest against it. High Schools who have implement school uniforms have provided results that they bring unity and equality within a school. This has gained attention of many district schools who have been looking for a solution with these types of results. A prime showcase for this is scholar Attillah Brookshire (2016) who researched why advocates have shown support for uniforms. The advocates concluded how that when uniforms were implanted in their school district they became a social and economic equalizer. They also reduce competition of expensive clothing so parents don 't have to buy the expensive top brands, allowing children to learn, clothing should not be what defines a person. Brookshire 's studies showed how these statements are not just theories but actual facts. The school that acquired uniforms was up 4.70 in a more supported climate compared to the 4.45 in a non-uniform school. Student fights also were lower in the school that
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