Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory In School?

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For one thing, if school uniforms were to become mandatory in school, there will always be students agreeing and disagreeing. School uniforms are a way to discipline students by creating everyone equal in terms of what they wear. The idea of school uniforms is not liked by many as it seems as if the school board is trying to take away the right of freedom of expression. The idea is also liked by many due to the fact that it can help students academically and socially. School uniforms should become mandatory in school as it will help students become more disciplined. For instance, if schools decided to implement a rule that school uniforms were now mandatory, students would go on a rampage, but it could also reduce the amount of bullying and peer pressure someone may face because of their clothing. Bullying has always been an issue in schools and some of it is due to what the student is wearing. Students may think that it is not that big of an issue, but it is because according to Tucker, a formal dress code could and will make the school a better place to go. Once the students get used to wearing them, there could be a slight chance of of a decrease of bullying because there is no longer any bullying about someone’s outfit. “School uniforms help lessen the burden on parents and teachers and equalize students. "It puts all kids on the same playing field in terms of their appearance. I think it probably gives them a sense of belonging and a feeling of being socially
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