Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

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Should schools have the right to make uniforms mandatory for their students? Some people don’t think so and they argue against the civil liberties that such a mandate would violate. While the opposing opposition thinks that school uniforms belong in the school system, in order to help reduce some of the issues students may face because of their clothes. Although school uniforms for students may have many negative effects, school uniforms may help with reducing the amount of distractions, therefore students will have a better focus while at school. There are several causes of concern that oppose the integration of uniforms in the public school system should be allowed in the first place. First and foremost some argue that the mandatory of school uniforms infringe and violates their first amendment rights. They claim that requiring them to wear particular clothing deprives them of the ability to freely express themselves through their choice of dress. According to the ACLU they labeled the mandatory of school uniform policy as a non constructive policy, since they 're of view it as a temporally fix to a set of serious issues that require more than a uniform policy. Another point made by this group is the fact that the cost of school uniforms will place an added financial burden on families. For example the families are required to buy uniforms on top of their additional wardrobe outside of school. They also point out that uniforms will be ineffective of breaking the
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