Should School Uniforms Be Paid?

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students typically wear name brand clothes or wear whatever is casual to them. They have freedom to what they wear and how they look towards other people and how they judge them. At school students make sure they look good so they don’t have to suffer through other kids coming up to them and picking on them. In school, they can focus more on what everyone is wearing rather than what school notes they should be writing down. A student has way too much freedom in the way they dress and act. Most kids They have no idea of how they must dress later when they obtain a job. school uniforms should be required because they can reduce the amount of bullying, can promote professionalism also improve work ethics, and students can focus more on school.…show more content…
For example, some girls can take up to one-three hours to get ready for school when picking out clothes, doing hair, and makeup. Instead of spending tons of money on name brand clothes such as shoes, they could use that money on school supplies. Without the name brands at school, students would not be so worried about what other students are wearing and it will also help students focus on academics. Overall, students can use their time and money for better reasons than just name brand, competitions with others, and worrying about their appearance at school. School should be more important than a single outfit for one day. The students begin to focus more on their outfit and less on their homework and schoolwork. They see the importance of their outfit before the importance of their school work. If they learn how to do school first instead of clothes, in the long run, they will do better at their jobs when the time…show more content…
They will know what is appropriate later in life and seem more mature to interviewers. They will be professionals instead of slackers. A uniform has a lot more meaning to it than it revolting looks. When in proper uniform people look at you differently. They see respect, they see young adult students who are ready for their life. Having a school uniform can increase the number of business owners and higher paid jobs. The students will begin to look at their self differently and see the good changes in them. School uniforms may be tough to get through in a school at first. They may displease students because of the look, they may only reduce bullying instead of stopping it, but they will help to build a more respectful and mature looking future generation. They will show that students even at one of the lower ranked schools are still very
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