Should Schools Get Rid Of Sols?

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Should Schools Get Rid OF SOLs In 2002 a new bill called the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act introduce a new norm in schools: the SOLs. Within the NCLB Act the SOLs are made to showcase how schools should be performing and if the students are grasping the material being taught. Now, fast forward to 2016 schools still have SOLs but there has been some problems along these years. There are discussions on if SOLs are too much for children, are the schools too pressed to keep their accreditation they will do anything to keep the schools running, but the most daring question is should schools get rid of SOLs altogether. Due to some of these issues SOLs should not be in schools anymore and something else has to takes its place. One of the issues is SOLs putting too much stress on children? The answer is yes. SOLs have increasingly gotten harder every year, and children have the pressure of just passing it or failing it and risk not progressing to the next grade. For example in Florida, there were some parents discussing issues with the board about their children used to like school, but due to the testing they don’t want to go to school. One parent broke down in tears about the stress and is thinking about taking their child out of public school to homeschool her/him because of SOLs. Consequently, there have been countless stories of children taking Xanax to cope or even having to go to the emergency room due to stress related incidents. Let’s examine the list of students who…
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