Should Schools Have Mandatory Drug Testing For Athletes?

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Do you want your family safe? Away from horrible chaos? Today, 2017, our world is going down hill with drugs, even children are being pressured into trying drugs! The real problem is should schools have mandatory drug tests? Schools should have mandatory drug tests because students cannot learn when they are on drugs, safety, and accountability for athletes.
When you are on drugs your mind travels to another place where your brain does not let you learn, it says MORE drugs. The drug eats away at your brain making it really tough to focus. It is like when someone next to you is tapping a pencil on their desk and they will not stop. When students are on drugs it affects their brains function. Drugs are like chemicals that affect the brain by
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The more drugs taken the more danger there is. To many drugs is at risk of taking kids lives, the more often they’re taken the more danger there is. How often and how many drugs taken is the worst of drugs. Most drugs are like poison to your body, they have this strong drug inside making you immediately spit it out or throw it away the first trying drugs. Then you become addicted and there’s no way out of it.
Athletes are at higher risk of being kicked of their teams and not being trusted. I would be worried if they use again, when trying to cure them from using. Without the drug they cannot live without it, it’s like oxygen none cannot live without it. Students make very poor choices these days, and drugs is at the very top of the list. When athletes use drugs they get kicked of their team, when students get kicked off their teams it’s like crushing their dreams. Other people believe that mandatory drug tests aren’t necessary at all because students haven’t progressed to addiction yet. Some users aren’t really addicted yet, but most are so we need to have some tests and cure most students that are
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