Should Schools Offer Music Education

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Reading, Writing, and Music
Music Education is just as important as Language Arts and Math; all Elementary schools should be required to offer music education. First, there is research which suggests the same portion of the brain used to process music is also responsible for language and problem-solving skills. Music classes will engage the younger children and keep education fun while developing the area of the brain required for language and thinking skills. Second, nearly everyone enjoys music while singing and clapping to the beat; students will develop the pattern recognition necessary for reading, writing, and math. Finally, there have been studies showing a direct connection between schools with music programs and higher test scores in core subjects. If we want children to score well in other core subjects, schools need to invest time and money in Elementary School Music Education programs.
Not everyone can everyone afford Music Education
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Music education programs are expensive, and for school systems already facing budget cuts, these costs can be overwhelming. In order to provide a Music Education program, school districts would be required to cover the expense for a music classroom, teachers, and the various concerts. In addition to the school system, individual parents find music education programs expensive because they would need to purchase or rent instruments for their children to use. Finally, in addition to the problems of children lugging instruments between home and school, there is the potential for theft. Which leaves the question of where do you store all the musical instruments at school while not in use? These are just a few reasons why not all elementary schools should be required to offer Music
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