Should Schools Teach Cursive

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What is cursive? Do we even know anymore? As the years have went by cursive has become less important to schools, but not to some people. I personally belive that cursive should be in schools, and here are my reasons why.

When I was in the third grade in my small town school, we had to learn cursive to pass the class. It was not very hard, just a little challenging on some of the letters. When I had to sign my name, I knew how to do my signature, or when I got a head injury it showed how bad the injury was based on my print and cursive writing.

I noticed in the second passage, the author was talking about the electronic signature. If the electronics were to stop, as in they did not work anymore, how would children/parents even know how to sign their own name. Yes, you have to keep up with the time of education and what students are required to do, but we also have to keep up with the possibility of that form of education not working.
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For the simple fact of medical reasons and that we all cannot always depend on technology. We will need to teach someone how to sign their name and know what cursive still is years down the road of
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