Should Scientists Create Artificial Living Things?

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Marquita Hall Dr. Paterson Biomedical Ethics 413 04/2017 Test Questions 1. Should Scientists Create Artificial Living Things? My personal opinion is, no. I feel as if scientist should not create artificial living things. Artificial designed machines usually wear out with use, especially if you keep them running for so long without maintenance. In humans organisms, they will typically renew their parts until death (Douglas,,2013). The creation of artificial living things need to be designed to benefit others for it to be considered ethical. Depending on your belief can help define what is the meaning of life(Zemp,2012). We as humans were made by God whereas God helps us live an eternally joyful life if we establish a relationship…show more content…
The choices result in two arguments that need to be backed up to be considered ethical. Mayer defines bioethics as, choices between values, beliefs, and actions with moral dilemmas or ethical problems that involve conflict, choosing between equally desirable or undesirable alternatives, or balancing options (Mayer,2001).Ethics is increased through the people of the world by making positive choices that influence the law of medicine, insurance, civil rights and justice. (Devettere,2009). If people make choices, then it would be easier to define the good and bad in the world. Once we figure out what is good and bad, the system will be able to serve justice, people will be treated fairly, and the people of the world will be able to make decisions that are not government based. 4. Who can serve as a proxy for medical decisions? Give two examples and discuss their pros and cons. A Proxy can be defined as someone who is considered an authority that makes ethical decision for someone who is unrepresented. Instead of self -government, you allow others who you trust, to make decisions for you. A proxy is also considered someone who takes into consideration the risks and benefits of a patient for their best interest. Someone who could be considered as a proxy, would be a physician. A physician in this case would be the individual that is the primary decision maker for the unrepresented. This can result in something positive because of their trusting relationship
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