Should Screening Tests Before Your Next Doctor 's Appointment !

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Check Out This List of 16 Commonly Ordered Screening Tests Before Your Next Doctor 's Appointment!
By Abby Sanders | Submitted On September 20, 2011

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Expert Author Abby Sanders
It is recommended that all people see their family doctor routinely for check ups and screening for chronic health problems. With so much information in the news about obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes it can be scary for a patient to go to the doctor and potentially face hearing a diagnosis like this. The good news is that if you start early in life and try to stick to health eating and exercise habits you decrease your risk of being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. In addition, having the right screening tests are also important to detecting potential problems early.

Read on to learn more about common screening tests and consider asking your doctor if you need any of these tests done!

1. Fasting blood sugar: This test is done when you have not had anything to eat to screen for diabetes. Your doctor is looking for a fasting level that is higher than 126 mg/dl. This value confirms diabetes. If your results are between 100 and 125 mg/dl, it is termed…
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