Should Seaworld Be Allowed In Captivity Essay

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Should SeaWorld be allowed to Keep Killer Whales in Captivity? It was a normal day on February 24, 2010 at around 1:30pm, Dawn Brancheau was working a “Dine with Shamu” show at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida when things suddenly took a turn for the worse. While guest of the park watched in horror the 40 year old senior trainer at the park was attacked by a 22 foot long, 12,000 pound killer whale. The trainer was scalped, dismembered, her bones where crushed, and she was ultimately drowned by the massive whale known as Tilikum. This was a day that would forever change the way that the general public would view SeaWorld. After this horrific incident Tilikum was kept in a tank for a year that was so small that it limited the massive whale’s ability to swim to the point where he would float lifeless in the water for hours at a time. A lot of people still believe that it is perfectly fine to keep these top predators in captivity, while others believe they are best kept in the wild where they belong. While reading this I want you to think should SeaWorld be allowed to keep killer whales in…show more content…
In an article by Paul Koene he talks about there being three categories that inspector’s base animal welfare off of these categories include health, body, and functioning of the animal including their feelings, natural history, and their ability to use their natural instinct (Koene). Based off of these categories the welfare of the killer whales at SeaWorld is terrible. A lot of the time SeaWorld gets reports that the whales are floating lifeless in the water, they are not really provided the opportunity to use their natural instincts, and are extremely restricted on what they can and cannot do. Based off of this information the only humane way to keep a killer whale is let it live in the wild like they are built

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