Should Sex Education Be Effective?

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The lack of information and proper sexual vocabulary is the foremost contribution to barriers in sexual communication. Adequate sexual education, knowledge of female and male sexual anatomy terms, the comfort in expressing these terms and religion contribute to barriers in sexual communication. For example, a two sexual partners. This couple can be a homosexual, heterosexual couple, whichever that can be imagined. If one partner does not know how to express and explain what feels good on what body part, it is difficult for the other partner to engage in what they find pleasurable. It is essential to have knowledge on your body and know the proper names.
Sexual education is extremely important in informing youth about sex. More specifically, sex education “plays an essential role in preventing unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of sexual transmitted infections (STI)” (Grose et al., 2014, p. 742). Research shows that sex education in schools “may be well positioned to address social factors that are empirically linked to negative sexual health outcomes, such as traditional social norms surrounding genders and sexuality” (Grose et al., 2014, p. 742). Observing, the American ‘abstinence only’ sex education, it is not any form of education. It is telling children that they should not be having sex and that if they do there is a problem. Furthermore, it does not give the option to those that wish to have sex any information on how to practice safe sex, prevent pregnancy and
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