Should Sex Education Be Taught?

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Should sex education be taught to young adults in school? This has been a major controversial topic for many years amongst parents, teachers, and other community members. Their biggest concern is that it teaches students that it is okay to have sex at a young age and think that the program shows them how sexual intercourse is done. Although, this is not the intent of the class, like some may think. They tend to believe that abstinence-only programs should be taught in schools. Allowing sexual education to be taught in public schools and not in an abstinence-only point of view is something that every school should do because it can help them understand the facts about their bodies. “Sex education aims to reduce of potentially negative outcomes from sexual behavior, such as unwanted or unplanned pregnancies and infection with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.” (AVERT) By teaching sexual education it can help them to understand the emotional values it has by resisting peer pressure and how to recognize it. One reason sex education should be taught in public schools is because parents tend to make up names for the private parts of children’s bodies starting at a very young age; making it seem that their body is something to be ashamed of. Teaching them the appropriate names of their genitalia can help them better to communicate with their parents and letting them know the difference in an inappropriate touch and a good touch. If parents and teachers took the time to

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