Should Sex Education Be Taught? High School?

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Teenagers and sex are two words that are often heard together, whether we like it or not, teenagers are having sex. Some schools don’t teach sexual education and because of that students are suffering. There’s no way to make teenagers not have sex but there is away to teach them about having safe sex, that is why I believe that we need to require sexual education be taught in high school. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, “Only 22 states require public schools to teach sex education (NCLS 2015).” With over 47 percent of high school students having sex, having 28 states that do not require sex education in high schools is a problem. I went to a high school that did teach sexual education, I’m not saying in anyway that it was the best program but I believe that it was beneficial to learn what we did. Sexual education teaches about how to prevent STDs and pregnancy, which are important things for teens to learn about. Teenagers often do not make the best decisions but if they have knowledge and have learned about it they will more than likely remember things that they were taught. With the number of teens who are sexually active growing each day, the chance for teenage pregnancy also grows. By teaching students about contraception and safe sex, sexual education can help lower the number of teenage pregnancies. As stated by Pamela Kohler, “Young people who received comprehensive sex education were less likely to report a teen pregnancy compared to

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