Should Sex Education Be Taught? Essay

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As a health science teacher, my educational philosophy is to provide my students with an inclusive, evidence-based approach in addressing sex education in my classroom. The state-mandated teaching standards promoting a biased, abstinence-only program, however, do little to communicate reliable and inclusive information about sexuality. Texas provisions and education codes relating to sex education should sustain amendments that fully address the sexual health needs of every student, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual expression. Sex Education in Texas The topic of sex education in the United States has long been a controversial provision stemming from varying notions and disagreements about what students should be taught regarding human sexuality. More than two decades ago, Texas Legislature made the decision to promote abstinence over any other method of sexuality education in Texas public schools. Revised in 1995, Chapter 28 of the Texas Education Code (TEC §28.004) requires that health educators and health education curricula in Texas public schools direct students to a standard of behavior in which abstinence from sexual activity before marriage is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases—a provision still governing our health education classrooms today despite overwhelming research that reveals a deep ineffectiveness of such programs. Without question, Texas’ commitment to the abstinence-only

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