Should Sex Education Be Taught?

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The policy issue that I chose to write about is Sex Education in the classroom. Almost all student in the USA receive some type of sex education between the grades 7th and 12th. Sometime even as early as 4th grade.
Many states now have laws that do not allow the parents to opt out of the class, regardless of how they feel about their child being taught, these things ("Contemporary Education Issues | K12 Academics," 2015). While some states leave it up to the individual district to set the rules for sex education in the district.
Sexual Education suggests to deliver the knowledge, standards and procedures that allow the implementation of human rights, the satisfactory enactment in our personal lives, inspire a thoughtful change in civic values, ethical attitudes, and active oppositions which arouse the personal development and social combination of pre-teenagers and teenagers, and subsequently prevent the transmission of HIV, undesirable pregnancies, and sexual violence. In general it must breakdown all the ties between stereotypes and mythologies about sexuality.
The roles of government, and all the programs that have been launched, promote a good quality sexual education. They do not only teach contraception methods, but encourage the student to be educated and not be sexually active. They can provide information that can be extremely important for the future of the youth in our country.
These programs are thought to promote values and handle concerns everyone should

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