Should Sex Education Be Taught?

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Sexuality is a part of everyone’s life. It is important that children get the proper education they need so they are aware and are able to protect themselves. The way sex education should be taught is debated among parents, educators, religious groups, and society. Some people believe in abstinence only curriculum while others believe a comprehensive curriculum is more effective. Values, beliefs, and funds can affect how students are being taught. It is important that we pick a curriculum that works best for the students.
Sex education can vary in what they teach to the students about sexuality such as, contraceptives, STI/HIV, and abstinence. In different schools they are being taught different skills. According to NCSL, out of the 50 states only 22 states and DC are required to teach sex education to the students in public schools. Out of that 22 only 20 require HIV education with it (“State Polices on Sex Education in Schools”, 2015). So how else are these kids learning about sex? Less than half of the states in the country require sex education to be taught so these students have to learn from friends, parents, family, and media. Friends and the media are not always the best way to learn because the can give false information. It is important to have someone who is educated about sex to teach them. Parents could be a helpful tool but a lot of times they do not talk about sex.
In today’s society sex is everywhere. People, especially children and young adults,
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