Should Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Be Taught At All U.s. Public Schools?

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Madeline Martinez EQ: SHOULD SEXUAL RISK AVOIDANCE EDUCATION BE TAUGHT IN ALL U.S. PUBLIC SCHOOLS? Introduction The following words were shown and defined in a textbook: BDSM, bondage, dom/domme, sub, top, bottom, switches. These words, which are related to the sexual practice of BDSM, happened to be presented in Your Health Today, a health textbook that was proposed to be used in Fremont, California just this past summer. The words and those like it, unlike in this paper, were defined and discussed and also mentioned different methods of this practice. Not only was the subject of BDSM discussed, but information was also provided about masturbation, orgasms, and sex toys. Many believe that these topics are too mature for fourteen year old freshmen, which would have been the target audience. But there are also people who believe that these things are natural, part of life, and normal for teenagers to be curious about. All parents believe that sex education is necessary; however, some parents thought that sexual education should teach farther than anatomy, STIs, and pregnancies because those are the only necessities, in their eyes. This book caused an outrage from more than a thousand parents who signed a petition to have the book pulled. As of right now, the school is using the old, outdated book they have been using for years (“Health”). Although the extreme case in Fremont is not representative of the national conversation, people throughout the country are discussing sex

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