Should Smoking Be A Health Risk?

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Have people told you, smoking is bad for you or bad for the environment, but just left you there and did not explain why? Cigarettes have been a major problem ever since they were created and have caused harm to everywhere the wind takes it. The smoke from that cigarette can cause very bad damage to perSonal objects like walls or electronics over time. That little white stick of tobacco has caused billions of dollars in damage and health costs, which does not help the state 's debt. Even though you accept the risk of smoking do you really think that your two year old kids or dog accept the damage it can cause them in their adult life, The medical costs it could cause them to have to pay. In contrast choices you make do not just affect you it affects everything around you! There are many reasons why smoking is a health risk like the personal health issues it causes, the costs of smoking, The harm to people and the environment, and damage to personal belongings.
Cigarettes can cause major personal health problems throughout your life. You may acquire multiple cancers from smoking like lung cancer from the chemicals inside the cigarette (“Alcohol…”). Of those seven thousand chemicals in cigarettes two hundred and fifty are deadly. About sixty-nine of those two hundred and fifty chemicals in an cigarette are cancer causing (“Harms…”). But on average only eighty percent of males and sixty-five percent of women acquire cancer from smoking a cigarette…
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