Should Smoking Be Banned Public Smoking?

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One Ban That Doesn’t Stink: Banning Public Smoking Do people know that cigarettes are responsible for more causalities each year than from HIV, illegitimate drug use, alcohol related incidents, and automobile calamities combined? It is one of the only permissible products that have been long-established to kill when used as intended. Tobacco usage is the main source of avoidable and premature death and disease worldwide according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Medical studies have shown that smoking not only indicate health issues for the smoker, but also for the people that are in a close proximity to it. Reports have shown that smoke free directives that forbid smoking in public places like taverns and restaurants help advance the general health of employees and the general population. All and any cigarette smoking in public places should be prohibited because of the harmful results of “passive smoking” on non-smokers and its effect on the surroundings. People have the right to a healthy, fresh environment and work place. Earth is place that people thrive off and live on. Earth is simply described as one word, “home”. Destroying its atmosphere, littering its land and polluting its air are not a very nice way of showing appreciation. With the banning of public smoking, it would establish an improved uncontaminated world. The musty stench of cigarettes is awful and a majority of people hate it, even the smokers themselves. It lingers around, attaches
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