Should Smoking Be Public Spaces Should Be Allowed?

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America is at war. It is a civil war taking place on our streets, in our parks, and at our restaurants. It is the war on smoking. Over the past several years the debate has been raised about whether or not smoking in public spaces should be allowed. Should a person be able to go anywhere in public and have the right to clean air? Is society infringing upon the rights of smokers? This social issue is more than just about health. This is a topic of great importance because of the implications of a ruling in favor or against smoking in public could have great implications to how our society determines their norms and ideals in the future. This is a subject that could be covered from many angles and many different socio-economic perspectives. The topics discussed in this paper will include, the environmental effects of smoking, the “right” to smoke, the effect bans have on industry, and the slippery slope a ban on smoking would imply. Although there is plenty to debate when it comes to smoking in public, we will discover that none of it negates the negative health affects smoking has on the smoker and the secondhand victim. That’s why I feel that a smoking ban should eventually be passed.
Arguments for a Public Smoking Ban There are many arguments to advance a public smoking ban, most of which are centered around the health effects it has on the people around the smokers. The arguments presented from my research will more accurately reflect the impact smoking bans will have
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