Should Social Media Be The Increase Of Eating Disorders?

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Tiffany Dunlap Professor Morrow English 2010 12 December 2016 Could Social media be the cause for the increase of Eating Disorders? In today’s world, the idea of the perfect body is displayed on an endless list of websites and on a variety of social media. The world is addicted to accessing social media every day and as a result we have been brainwashed into how a woman should look. When you consider those with eating disorders that are afraid to eat because they are concerned of becoming overweight. it is difficult not to feel hostile towards the media. There seems to be plenty of reason to blame social media for both causing and sustaining those afflicted with eating disorders. But we are all exposed to the mass media, so why don’t we all have eating disorders? What role does social media really play in causing eating disorders? There has been a tremendous amount of articles written on the topic with more and more sophisticated research into what individuals are most vulnerable to social media’s messages. This is best summarized by looking at the role of media and its influence on body image, the role of the media in the cause of eating disorders, how social media helps maintain their illness and the role that awareness of the media can play in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and solutions to go about it all. 1) The role of media and its influence on body image The media plays an important role in everyday life for most people. Media can be defined as

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