Should Society Change And Understand Foreign Cultures Before Passing Judgment?

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Should Cultural differences be considered when discussing deviant behavior?! Rafael Jay Campbell SCO-505-2014 FA Professor Wilson September 04, 2014 Fall 2014 Lincoln University of Missouri Abstract Should society change and understand foreign cultures before passing judgment? In American society, we have borrowed many ideal of how to deal with crime and the study of crime through a science. This “scientific approach to studying criminal behavior” (Siegel, 2012, p. 4) is called criminology and the people who conduct these scientific tests, studies and theories are criminologists. Culture and deviance are like oil and water; they simply do not mix well. What is acceptable in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia may be viewed in the United States as not only deviant behavior or criminal activity. This paper shows and supports the need for a moral and cultural checkup to see if society truly needs to change, rethink and understand foreign cultures, whether those cultures are foreign cultures in other countries or foreigners practicing their culture in America, before passing judgment on that individual or individuals Cultural Differences and Deviant Behavior: The word deviance as described by (Merriam-Webster Dictionary-online. 2014), denotes “an abnormal and strange or unacceptable behavior”, however, sociologist define deviance as simply any violations of society’s norms. This means that deviance can have a multitude of ranges from something a person or society

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