Should Society Throw in the Towel on Boxing

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Originating from the Ancient Greeks over 13 centuries ago, boxing has been a highly anticipated, globally entertaining sport watched by millions. However, today's society has began to raise an eyebrow over the relevance of boxing in today's age. Many, without much knowledge on the sport, would argue that it causes fatal injuries, brain damage and illnesses that boxers will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Some say it shows the dark side of sport for younger generations and ties them up in a life of violence. The envious, middle-class working men would criticise some big-time boxers financial stabilities and the money used in boxing. On the other hand, people who have a better insight into boxing and know more about it, would…show more content…
Diseases to retired boxers include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. A prime example from the boxing world who was given a final blow by Parkinson’s was the peoples’ champion, Muhammad Ali. Ali, considered one of the greatest boxers in the sports history, is one of the most iconic, inspirational figures known to man with not only his skills in the ring but his actions out it too. 3 years after retiring from boxing in 1984 at the age of 42, Muhammad Ali was unfortunately diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He began to develop tremors, slurred speech and his body movements were very slow. His muscles regularly seized up causing excrutiating pain. This disease led to depression.

Contrary to this previous point, there are many safety measures taken and it the fighters are in a very safe environment. With the idea that boxing causes diseases and injuries, the boxers already know about the consequences and still go through with it. Boxers should have the right to participate in doing what they love and if people are against it then simply no-one is stopping them from not watching it or getting involved. In every amateur and professional boxing match there is a referee to step in when a boxers is severely wounded, and there is medical

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