Should Space Exploration Be Continued?

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Should space exploration be continued? Do you think that space exploration should be continued? Some people think that we should continue exploring the space, and others think that we should stop exploring the space. These people have their own reasons for it or against it. Either way, space exploration has both its advantages and disadvantages. In my personal opinion, I think that we should continue exploring the space because exploring space gives people many benefits. Exploring the space will solve humans’ oversized population and scarce resources problems, and also will improve our technology. If mankind stops exploring the space, our world will only be limited to Earth, and it will be so tiny compared to the universe. The universe…show more content…
Can our ancestors imagine that we successfully sent a human being in the space? There is no way they can imagine that since they even did not even know what space is in those old days. “Knowledge is invaluable. Furthering our understanding of how the universe came into being, and ultimately how we came into being, cannot be measured as useful solely in terms of cost.” (“Scientific
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