Should Sports Be A Required Part Of Elementary Education Essay

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Test scores from the Program for International Student Assessment showed that American 14-years-olds scored below their international peers in math, reading and science. Among 34 developed countries, the United States ranked 26th in math, 21st in science and 17th in reading (Mercury News 2013). Many people believe that US educational system is flawed and that urgently needs to be fixed. They debate whether sports should be a required part of elementary education. Assuming that bad test results have nothing to do with sports, should sports be a required part of elementary education? Schools’ should inform children and their parents about positive and possible negative aspects of sports and then kids with parents should decide themselves whether or not to participate in sports. Sports shouldn’t be a required part of elementary education in the United States because everyone should have a chance to make a choice: “Imagine going out to…show more content…
Poland is a surprising educational success story: in the course of less than a decade, the country raised students’ test scores from significantly below average for the developed world to significantly above it; Polish kids now outscore American kids in math and science, even though Poland spends, on average, less than half as much per student as the United States does. One of the most striking differences between the high school Tom attended in Gettysburg and the one he ends up in Wroclaw is that the latter has no football team, or, for that matter, teams of any kind. This example is a good illustration that education and sports don’t work together. Yes, Tom is a high school student and not elementary school student, but if sport was damaging for education in high school why it should be beneficial in elementary
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