Should Sports Be Banned For Children?

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Critics of sport will say that story shows why younger kids should not partake in contact sports such as American Football. Opponents of youth football will say that football leads to injuries such as fractures, sprains, dislocations, contusions, and concussions. Others say the sport provides no positive qualities, that we revert to a primitive state. Detractors say football is a mindless game that is just about twenty-two men running into each other. These are the reasons given in favor of limited participation in football for children. These people want to ban football for children under the age of eighteen. Yet I see something different. I see many positive qualities such as leadership, hard-work, discipline, accountability, and the value of practice. I see twenty-two athletes strategically lined up on the field to tactically limit their opponents move. I see coaches trying to get into one another’s head to provide an advantage. Finally, I see a way out for kids less fortunate than others. Kids can benefit learning these attributes from a young age. I can personally attest to these qualities benefiting a child. Why you may ask? Because Number 14 is me. You may now look at me as damaged, or think my future has changed but that is not the case. My situation has changed me and motivated me to research the game in a variety of ways. Researching solutions to the concussion epidemic allowed me to come up with new ways to improve football and improve on the old techniques used
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