Should Sports Be Banned?

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Football is known as a contact sport, but now people are seeing the true harm it can do to your body. For the past decade, there has been a debate forcing football to be banned without the proper equipment. Although there are many dangers to the sport the NFL does not compensate for the players who have been injured. Banning football would be unethical but it is for the greater good of the players. When you are hit by the opponent during a game your brain is being pushed against your head and it never fully recovers. One never knows the impact or realizes the force. There have been more than 200 deaths caused by the lack of equipment and medical attention to these players. There is a 58 percent of college players and high school…show more content…
When you play this sport you are more prone to ankle sprains, hamstring injuries and meniscus tears and that, not even the worst injuries that can be caused. My family plays football and I have seen them with the worst injuries that they can have. My cousin got hit and he was un-concussed for four days and they wanted him to go back playing even though his brain wasn 't fully healed. So my question is how many of us have to die until something is done? Two years ago there was a movie that was made that talked about the health of football players called Concussion by Will Smith. This movie is based on a true story where a forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu discovers neurological deterioration in an autopsy on a retired football player Mike Webster . Webster started to lose his mind before the age of fifty; he started huffing turpentine. A close friend tried to help him out but nobody understood what was going on until he died. Dr. Bennet Omalu performed an autopsy on the late Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster in 2002, he was taken back by the injuries he found. Mike Webster was nicknamed ‘Iron Mike’ because of his stamina, Webster’s body showed signs of a daily maintenance routine that would have made superman feel uneasy. They were using superglue to reattach teeth, duct taping his disfigured feet to make walking bearable and popping vast

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