Should Sports Be Better Workers At Our Jobs?

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Each and every one of us is familiar with the concept of competition. Some of us have played sports as children, been involved in review games in class, or even have sat down with our family to play a simple board game. These types of activities may require different materials or levels of understanding, but they all revolve around competition. It can also be argued that competition is what drives us to success in life. We strive to become better workers at our jobs and better students in class ahead of all of those behind us. Sports are one of the most popular forms of competition that we can observe in today 's society. When it comes down to the actual definition of a sport, where do we draw the line of what really is a sport? Nowadays…show more content…
Football teams in the NFL practice multiple times a week for a wide variety of different things. There is a lot of physical training and working out involved on the field and in the gym, but there are also activities off the field that are given attention by players and coaching staff. Daily meetings to talk about the condition of the team and video studies are just some of the activities that players must stay on top of. Esport teams must follow a similar schedule, although physical exercise is taken care of on their own time. A lot of pro players that play League of Legends have reported practicing for 10-14 hours a day for 5-6 days per week. If they are not practicing strategy or new characters in the game, they will stream online for their viewers to enjoy. This schedule is even more strict than some actual jobs that are out there, only needing 8 hours a day in the office. Besides playing the game, Esport teams will get together and talk strategy, previous games, and ways that they can perform better as a team. Whether it be on the field or in a comfy desk chair, both types of competition require intense training and dedication to the game not all players can maintain in their daily lives

Dedication from fans is also a factor that makes a sport more or less popular. In the US, football is one of the most popular sports in the country. On
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