Should Sports Be Legal Issue?

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Charges being laid from events that occur on the sports field could have a detrimental affect on the participation levels within each respective sport. Players are generally not being charged from events that occur on their respective sporting field’s as it is currently difficult to prove any intent to harm, due to most sports involving physical contact with another player, which the rules sanction. Should this be a legal issue or a matter of public policy? If it were to become a legal issue, would this adversely affect the general public? The purpose of this essay is to identify, investigate and evaluate the answers to the preceding questions and to come to a justified conclusion on the effectiveness on this law, or lack thereof. The most commonly committed civil wrongs or criminal offences that occur in regards to sports are negligence, battery and assault however, in contact sports forceful physical contact-within the limits of the set guidelines- between players is sanctioned by the rules of play in the respective sports and is implicitly consented to through the action of entering the arena, court, field, track etc. The issue is in what circumstances is the conduct of the player which caused the injury considered to have gone too far outside of the confine of the rules to have legal action taken against them? To gauge the effectiveness of implementing any form of action, the rules that regulate the manner of contact which are relevant to consent must be examined
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