Should Sports Doping Be Banned?

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Doping in Sports As Richard (Dick) Butkus once said, “There is a myth out there that somehow anabolic steroids can turn a cub into a bear. Steroids won’t make you tough and competitive. What they will do is ruin your health. It’s that simple.” The use of prohibited substances in sports has had a major timeline. Using drugs in sports goes back to ancient times. Prohibited substances are used in almost every single sport. Doping in sports is definitely a form of cheating. The athletes who use drugs are gaining an edge over the athletes who are working hard and respecting the sport to get where they want to be and it is not fair to them. This topic is important because doping in sports has been a major problem since forever. Doping in sports really affects your health and there are athletes out there that have died from using drugs in sports. People think that doping in sports is completely wrong and definitely cheating because the athletes who are using drugs in sports are getting an edge over the ones who aren’t using drugs and working their asses off to get where they want to be and it just isn’t fair to them. Doping in sports has been a major problem since forever. Athletes in sports are finding ways to use drugs in sports and not get caught and that is unacceptable. As stated in the article of “Doping”, here is a fact founded, “Doping is a term that refers to the use of prohibited substances to improve an athlete’s performance in sporting events. Most people consider

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