Should Stricter Penalties be Enforced for Voter Oppression?

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In the beginning, when our founders created the constitution, there was a struggle not only between race and color but also between male and female acknowledgement. The Year is 1776 and having land, being over 21, and in some state policies, having a religious affiliation, disqualified many individuals from casting their thoughts into so young a government. Starting with only 6% of the population having the capacity to vote, our country was founded. It has been 237 years and 11 amendments since, and we are still struggling with suffrage. It is 2014, January 15 and while poll taxes and literacy tests are not around to suppress voters, there are still wide spread methods that are being placed into action by political parties to ensure that…show more content…
Along with acquiring a voting I.D., another thing the Grand Old Party is doing that hurts the minority is to cut down on the days and hours that are crucial for them. With 80% of Americans spending their time working extra hours and 6.5 million people holding 2 jobs as of July of 2010, cutting down on election days would be a disadvantage to not just the people who are working these arduous hours but to our Democratic government(80 Percent Of Americans) (In Weak Economy). When it comes to cutting down days for an election, you have to change your whole schedule that most of us follow religiously, and if your state has passed laws that require you to hold specific voter I.D., you have to go out and acquire it and then register to vote before the deadlines that they have set up and once that’s done you have to reorganize your whole schedule just so you can have a say in government. In an economy that is finally getting on its feet again, there are still people whom have to work if not two jobs, longer hours. To those individuals that work grueling hours to sustain their family the best way they see fit, the ones who know what it’s like to be committed in a benevolent cause for the right reasons, those are the type of individuals with a willingness to improve their situating the best way they see fit that we will not see vote. Why?-Because of seemingly small and insignificant laws being passed by individual states

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