Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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It is mid-February and for college athletes and fans everywhere that means that the College Football “Bowl” season is over and “March Madness” is around the corner. The “Bowl” Season is a series of college football games from the elite teams, sponsored by various corporations and “March Madness” is a 68 team single elimination tournament to decide who the best team in college basketball is. For the students involved they get a chance to have their legacy live on forever and for some it is a chance to show professional teams they have what it takes to compete on the next level, but for the universities it is a chance to bring in millions of dollars in revenue. As a student-athlete, and a volunteer basketball coach, I believe that it is unfair that student athletes across the country have decided to give their lives to these sports in hopes that they get lucky and “win the lottery” by making in into professional sports. I believe that student athletes have earned the right to be compensated for their hard work, dedication and commitment to these universities across the country. On January 12th 2015 Ohio States football team strapped on their helmets and laced up their shoes to play The Oregon Ducks football team in the BCS Championship Game on National television. This year was particularly special because the NCAA changed the format for the Bowl Season for this year but for the foreseeable future. This year was the first year of the playoff system, in years before this the

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